Use the Power of Streaming to Connect
And Solve Your Day 2 Problems

Build Q&A chat over unstructured text in minutes

Using no-code agents, you can create text-to-vector-database pipelines and prompt templating agents for a variety of LLMs.

A animation of a chatbot powered by LangStream

Use the latest Gen AI technologies

LangStream integrates with LLMs from OpenAI, Google Vertex AI, and Hugging Face, Vector databases like Pinecone and DataStax, Python libraries like LangChain and LlamaIndex.

Logos from OpenAI, Google Vertex AI, Hugging Face, Pinecone, DataStax, Milvus, LangChain, LlamaIndex

Manage embeddings in your vector database

Create pipelines that automatically create and update embeddings in your vector database for unstructured data (PDFs, Word documents, HTML) using proprietary and open-source embeddings models.

Abstract image showing vector embeddings for structured and unstructured data

Code and deploy in Visual Studio Code

To make it easier to build LangStream apps, we have created a VS Code extension that includes app deployment, app updating, log analysis, and code snippets.

Screen shot from LangStream Visual Studio Code Extension

Declare an app and deploy it to dev or prod

In LangStream an application consists of pipelines defined using configuration files or Python. Deploy to a local development environment or to a production environment, powered by proven tech: Kubernetes and Kafka.

Screenshot of the LangStream CLI

Bring your existing data to the LLM

LangStream can tap into the data you already have when engineering a prompt to send to the LLM. Query SQL and no-SQL databases or use Kafka Connect connectors to access the data you already have.

Logos for Kafka Connect, MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres, Redis, MySQL, and Snowflake

Fix your day 2 problems with an event-driven architecture

LangStream is a streaming framework using an event-driven architecture meaning it is asynchronous, decoupled, fault tolerant, and scalable.

Screenshot of the LangStream pipeline in the UI

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